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National Book Fund gives Zaman $2,000 in adult literacy curriculum materials

ProLiteracy’s National Book Fund has given Zaman International’s adult literacy program $2,000 to acquire new materials from New Readers Press. The publishing division of ProLiteracy, New Readers Press publishes the Laubach Way to Reading, which is a curriculum used by Zaman’s program.

Zaman’s Gigi Salka, director of the Building Ongoing Opportunities Through Skills Training (BOOST) program that houses the literacy program, said the grant will help Zaman offer a multilevel curriculum that has materials appropriate to all stages of learning. The BOOST Literacy Program purchased only the first two levels of Laubach for the program’s inaugural semester, which ended in May, and can use the NBF grant to purchase the next two levels for students who are ready to move up. The program also used the grant to purchase Digital Challenger, an interactive e-reader version of the Challenger adult literacy book series, as well as books on English conversation and cultural practices.

“Our students have worked extremely hard to reach the next levels of instruction and we want to make sure there are no impediments to their progress,” Salka said. “We are very grateful to National Book Fund for helping us give them the resources they need to become literate and improve their quality of life.”

The BOOST Literacy Program, which is based on the model developed by ProLiteracy America and the Adrian Rea Literacy Centers, provides one-on-one and small group tutoring in ESL and Adult Basic Literacy and integrates life skills through shopping excursions and library outings. It is free to Zaman’s clients and facilitates participation by providing child care and transportation to and from classes. Donations of time or materials, which are always welcome, can be directed to Salka at 313-551-3994 ext. 2017 or gsalka@zamaninternational.org.

Zaman International is a nonprofit organization committed to addressing the basic needs and empowerment of marginalized women and children locally and internationally. Founded in 1996 and incorporated in 2004, Zaman has to date assisted more than 125,000 people in Southeast Michigan with food, clothing, furniture, utility assistance, infant burial, and other essential needs, while providing humanitarian relief, disaster response, and access to safe drinking water to an additional 600,000 across the world through international activities and partnerships. Since 2016, Zaman has operated out of the Hope For Humanity Center, a 40,500-square-foot facility in Inkster that houses its crisis assistance, vocational training and life skills programs. For more information, please visit www.zamaninternational.org.

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