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Join the HUNGER HURTS Campaign

Join us in our efforts to help people in crisis by placing our donation cans in your home, business or school. Call 313-551-3994 to learn how collecting spare coins can directly impact lives. We will deliver collection receptacles to your door steps.  Your donations will feed the hungry, purchase food and clothing essentials, cover transportation fare or provide temporary shelter to those who need it most. Teach your children lessons of philanthropy by acting NOW.


In the summer of 2013 we received a call from a hospital employee at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. The hospital was preparing to release a patient who was visiting the Ann Arbor campus with hopes of becoming a future student when he was involved in an automobile accident requiring the amputation of a leg. After completing rehabilitation and exhausting all funds due to the unfortunate accident and unexpected lengthy stay in Michigan, this gentleman had no means to return home to Louisiana.  The hospital called Zaman to ask if we could cover his bus fare and get the patient home to family and friends who would assist in his recovery. A few days later, this gentlemen entered our lobby very appreciative that an organization previously unknown rescued him when he was most vulnerable.  All donations matter, big and small.

Join us and be the CHANGE that matters. 

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