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Zaman's New Home: The Hope for Humanity Center

After four years of intensive searching, Zaman International is proud to announce the purchase of our new home, the Hope for Humanity Center located near Michigan Avenue and Beech Daly in Inkster, Michigan. The 40,500 sq foot building embraces our vast growth over the past 13 years by giving us ample space to help more marginalized women and children in the region and around the globe. The Hope for Humanity Center ensures that our impact on the ground reaches even further, and that community support and involvement continues to foster our growth. 

The Hope for Humanity Center consolidates all our programs into one location, gives us the opportunity to provide more services to even more people, and offers our dedicated volunteers one place to come and help. We empower marginalized households by making basic needs provision a hands-on shopping experience rather than a hand-out. Our extensive training courses transition women from dependency to self-reliance. And finally, our consolidated location provides a sense of security and stability for individuals who rarely experience such comfort. 

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