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B.O.O.S.T. Vocational and Literacy Training Program

Based at Zaman's Hope for Humanity Center, BOOST (Building Ongoing Opportunities through Skills Training) offers tuition-free literacy, culinary and sewing classes to help women secure skills needed to enter the job market or start a small business.  Through national certification exams, entrepreneurship training, and ongoing basic needs support throughout the program, BOOST students are empowered to pursue sustainable income and careers.

During the 2021-2022 school year alone, BOOST provided more than 12,540 training hours to adult learners. BOOST was also named the 2022 No. 1 Adult Vocational and Literacy Program in Michigan.

Our Approach

Through BOOST, Zaman provides a safe and secure place where marginalized women can attain the education, life skills, and experience needed to earn sustainable income through employment or by starting their own business.

Started in 2009, BOOST has empowered women to seek self-reliance and break the cycle of extreme poverty. It helps them develop their talents while accommodating for the challenges often created by motherhood and raising a family, with expertise assisting immigrants and refugees adapting to a new language and culture.

This is achieved through a holistic approach with culturally competent programs designed for mothers facing additional barriers to employment such as low literacy, lack of English proficiency, childcare, and transportation. 

BOOST Programs


English as a Second Language Education, from basic reading and grammar skills to more advanced levels, needed to pursue postsecondary education or employment.

Garment and Industrial Sewing

Vocational training that paves the way for employment or entrepreneurship opportunities as a professional seamstress or industrial sewing machine operator.

Culinary Arts

Vocational training for careers in restaurants and hospitality or to launch a food-based entrepreneurial venture.

Workforce Preparation Program

College or career preparation curriculum that provides the skills needed for further study or ace a job interview.

Career Navigation Services

Support to help overcome barriers to the workforce, set career goals, and develop an employment plan working with a professional career navigator.

Entrepreneurship Training

Small business development skills and opportunities to work on commissioned items or sell at events. 

Career Pathways

BOOST provides vocational training in sewing and culinary arts taught by professionals in the field. The classes help clients secure the skills and certifications to pursue various in-demand careers or entrepreneurship opportunities:

  • Tailor: Professional alterations or custom tailoring
  • Industrial Sewing Machine Operator: Textile or automotive industries
  • Kitchen Cook: Restaurants, hotels, and hospitality
  • Entrepreneur: Small business venture providing products for sale

Onsite Employment

A limited number of Zaman graduates can work onsite at the Hope for Humanity Center where they earn livable wages in a professional bakery and industrial sewing center. Career Navigation Services

Rising Hope Bakery

Professional bakery that makes and distributes gourmet baked goods, including a cookie line sold through online platforms, catering services, and commercial distribution. 

Industrial Sewing Center

Industrial facility for sewing apparel and other textiles that are sold commercially through private sector partnerships. 


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